The Inspired Hobo web site is the dream project of Nancy Zeigler, a gal who, when not traveling, spends most of her free time researching, reading and fantasizing about faraway lands or planning her next trip.

From an early age, Nancy knew she was born to be a hobo.  Daunted by the prospect of living the hobo life on freight trains and unfortunately forced to make a living, she chose to vacation on a non-permanent basis.

Early childhood vacations with her family excited her so much she couldn’t sleep before each trip, which usually commenced with a pre-dawn breakfast along the Interstate complete with Rice Krispies in a tiny wax paper-lined box and milk, still somewhat cold, from the home fridge.  Between summer vacations, she looked forward to aimless road trips with her Grandma and Pap-Pap to hidden places with interesting buildings, mysterious landscapes, and yummy ice cream parlors.

A high school class trip to Germany – packed with castles along the Rhein, raucous nights at the Hofbräuhaus and glimpses of the snowy Zugspitze — lit the fire, big time. Suddenly, the world became huge, huge place, with beautiful buildings, strange languages, exotic foods, and quirky customs. (The discovery of beer didn’t go unnoticed, either.)  She couldn’t wait to drink it all in, so to speak.

An enlightening college study abroad program in London provided ample opportunities to travel through the rest of the UK, Europe and Asia, where she wandered for months, pinching pennies, exploring everything she’d read about for years, sleeping in hostels and trains and eating bread and cheese from a backpack. She made a vow to do this forever, but with more than $10 per day spending money.

And she has.  Since then — during her subsequent busy years in grad school and her professional life in the worlds of art, architecture, historic preservation and the travel industry — she’s managed to squeeze in several trips per year, with plans for dozens more.

So, stay tuned for more inspired adventures to authentic places, around the world, down the road and in your own backyard.